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Sometimes it can be difficult to develop (online) test resources. Is a (digital) test format appropriate for the learning objectives of this course? And how exactly do you use that particular application? It’s good to know that you can turn to fellow lecturers or IT support for help with your questions.

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Procedures in your school

The memo on testing includes the starting points, but the schools have made specific agreements about what is required to adapt or convert a test. This requires at least the involvement of the Exam Board and management or the dean. Make sure you are familiar with these agreements.

Network of Remindo contacts

Since early April, the digital testing programme Remindo has been available for the entire university. Each school will appoint contact persons (key-users) who can answer your technical questions about what this programme can do and how to set it up. You can find this list of key-users on the Remindo page on Hint. You can also join the Facilities and Information Technology Remindo Team here. If your school doesn’t have any contact people yet, you can submit your request to start using Remindo via the Helpdesk (see below). We will pass on your request.

Helpdesk for remote education

For all other questions and advice, you can contact the Helpdesk for remote testing. This is staffed by a group of lecturers and advisors from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences who have experience with remote testing. You can send them a question or a case via the Helpdesk. Log in as usual and choose the tile Remote testing.

Would you like to help your colleagues?

Send an email to service@hr.nl with the subject line ‘I would like to help’.